Wednesday, November 29, 2006

THis MAkes My Brain Hurt!

I realized yesterday that in the next three weeks I need to get all the bulletins up to and including January 7 done (the office is closed Dec 21-Jan 9) for copying. I need to finish the Christmas Eve Drama that is about 1/3 written* (actually need to get that done PDQ so that the other two readers can look at it and we can hopefully practice). I need to get prepped for the White Gift service/Congregational Pageant. I have a couple Bible Studies in there too. Oh and anything else that might come up...

How is it the end of November already? Where did all that lead time go????????

Luckily I just finished the Dec 31 bulletin. And Dec 17 (white gift) bulletin is 99% done. ANd hymns are chosen for everything else. But still, my brain hurts.

*THe premise for this drama is that of 3 residents of Bethlehem (the owner of the stable, a midwife, and a wealthy/leading townsperson) discussing this strange birth that has happened the night before. Still have to work out the message part of it and then put that into dialogue.


  1. That sounds like a lot! November is over already . . . in some ways it seemed fast and in other ways slow to me. I'm glad for the passing of time right now.

  2. Poor Gord! It's a really tough time of year for pastors. I'm intrigued with your plan for the dialogue--good luck with it!

  3. Lot? Why, in My day, we had 27 Sunday services and I stayed up all night to write my 45-minute sermon for the midnight service, on top of which I was the one who stoked the coal furnace all day to make sure the sanctuary was warm enough for the worshippers. Why, I remember one Advent 5 when I had to use a blowtorch to thaw the grape juice....

    {very impish grin}

  4. This makes my brain hurt too.

  5. My brain is hurting too Gord. How can it be the end of November already???

    Peter - I bet you had to walk barefoot in the snow, uphill, to those services too. *grin*