Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Reading

Currently on my reading list is a great book called Child's Play by Silken Laumann. It is about the need to get our children more active, to give them chances to play, in order to give them a chance for full lives. I fully recommend it to anyone who has children, or grandchildren for that matter.

NExt two on my reading list are Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd (I love those historic-epic novels, this one should be a good travel book) and A SOng to Sing, A Life to Live by Don and Emily Saliers. The latter is required reading for the one-credit course I am taking in conjunction with Sing Lustily.

Given all these the concept of reading Neibuhr really doesn't sound all that exciting (see earlier post around Lenten worship services).

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  1. Thanks for the Song/Life book tip, Gord. You're mentionned on my blog. :)