Sunday, January 07, 2007

Words Wanted

I am having trouble finding words/liturgy.

This fall/winter the congregation bought a new amplifier/mixer, a new headset mic, a CD/cassette player, and a digital voice recorder.

At the last Board meeting it was suggested that since these purchases were made from the memorial fund we should have a dedication for them, as a way of marking the use of gifts given in memory (it is a general fund, the purchases were not bought in memory of Mrs Smith etc.). I think this is a fine idea (in part because it allows the announcing of what we bought--all people can see is the microphone - and in part because it allows naming that services are available on CD now) and am planning on including this in next Sunday's service.

But how to do it?? The suggested liturgy in Celebrate God's Presence is far more ornate than I feel is needed in this circumstance. I am thinking a brief word or two of introduction followed by a short responsive prayer. But what prayers do you say about a sound system?


  1. The Episcopal Book of Occasional Services has some prayers in it for setting aside and blessing things for use in the church (i.e. chalice and patens, stoles, etc.), there probably isn't anything about sound systems, but maybe you could take one of the prayers and adapt accordingly. Or maybe adapt or shorten a Litany of Thanksgiving, including a specific prayer petition for this gift.

    Just a couple quick thoughts off the top of my head.

    Peace, bythesea

  2. Frodo, I love dreaming up liturgy. Can I have a bit more info? What texts are you using in worship that day? Any idea of a focus for the service? Maybe we can find a link and build the blessing around that... I'll check back later today. Drop me a comment at my blog if I don't check back soon enough.

  3. And while we're at it, congrats on winning the RGBP Trivia challenge. I promise never to play Trivial Pursuit with you, except as your team member!

  4. more cows...
    WE are using the Lectionary readings and I am preaching on the wine at Cana (likely on issues of surprising abundance).

    My plan is to put the dedication after offering and before the prayers of the people. THe introduction piece is easy but what to pray for?? I am trying to come up with a responsive prayer to both bless the equipment (and the gift it ofers us) as well as thanks for the gifts that made it possible.