Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good or Bad?? How Can you tell???

NO this isn't about making moral decisions.In discussion this afternoon we were talking about different THeological (and Biblically based) responses to ecological issues. I commented that the POV opposite to that shared by most if not all of those of us in the circle wasn't "bad theology" no matter how silly it may seem (it may be based on bad science though).

BUt in looking back on that discussion I found myself wondering. What makes "bad theology"? Is it the content or the process? Is it whether we agree???


  1. I guess we all like to defend our corner- so anyone who thinks differently to me obviously has a bad theological stance!!!

    Truthfully though I am trying to adopt a less reactive style of listening- to weigh and consider what is being said before I make any form of judgement; it forces me to think- but I've grown through the process.

  2. I think this is an important question. Clearly there is temptation to label theology with which I disagree as "bad." But in my pastoral experience, there is more to it than this.

    I think theology that is heretical (prosperity gospel being the most popular these days) must be labeled bad. I also think theology that puts people in harms way (and I don't mean martyrdom) and uses God as the justification -like teaching that an abused spouse must stay in an abusive relationship because "God forbids divorce" -is also bad theology.

    Now for my most controversial suggestion: I also think that theology which justifies things like child sexual abuse (and I have heard this more than once) because it was "God's plan" because God has everything planned out in advance, is also very bad, damaging theology. I realize this runs against what could arguably be called orthodox theology, but as an Arminian Wesleyan by tradition, it is not part of the orthodoxy I embrace.

  3. From a theologian in the Reformation tradition, a loud AMEN!!! to Amy!

  4. And a double AMEN!!! to Amy and Leah from a theologian in the Catholic tradition!