Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Telemarketing MAnners

Why do telemarketers seem obliged to argue? What is it about "I'm not interested thank you" that is so hard to understand.

Tonight got a call which started out:
"Good Evening I am calling on behalf of ###### to offer you a deal on High Speed Internet"
"I'm not interested thank you"
"What do you currently use for internet"
"I'm not interested thank-you, I do not buy anything offered through telemarketing"
"Iam not selling sir"
"yes, you are offering me internet service and I do not buy anything offered through telemarketing or direct mail as I find those things annoying and rude"
"BUt then we will lose our jobs sir"

At that point I am afraid I got a little bit more abrupt then I should have and the line went dead. Now I understand that this is their job to make sales. But when the person says that they are not interested and that they do not buy anything offered this way do you really think arguing will help your cause?

Oh wel, at least he didn't assume I was too dim to understand what he was offering--I have had credit card sellers say that to me.


  1. When I answer and hear silence for about 2-3 seconds I hang up.

    If they are faster than me, I let them give their into: This is so and so from ABC.

    I say no and hang up.

    Yes, they have a job to do, but not at my expense. Capital One is the worst, I get them calling about 3 times a week. grrrr. Discussion is futile.

  2. I have been getting them lately, too, despite being on the so-called "no call" list.

    I had one from my local newspaper call my house about ten times in one day. I did not recognize the caller ID number, so I didn't answer the phone. The last time they called, I was so sick of the phone ringing, that I answered. The lady gave her spiel, and I said, "no, thank you. We're not interested." She tried the "Oh, but we're offering you such a wonderful deal" patter, but I again repeated, "no, thank you. We're not interested." She went on AGAIN, finally, I said it very slowly and deliberately: "No. Thank you. We. Are. Not. Interested! Stop calling!"

    I hate to be nasty with people just trying to do their jobs, but you should not have to tell people no repeatedly to get them off your back.

    Sorry you're beset by them, too.