Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If It Isn't Too Much Trouble...

Could we possibly get a good night's sleep once a week?????

REcently babe has been not sleeping well, waking multiple times from 3:30 on. And of course with the crib right beside our bed when babe wakes so do mom and dad.

NOw I don't sleep well at most times (something about a brain that has trouble shutting off) and toss and turn frequently. Being wakened by a baby doesn't help--especially since once awakened I often have difficulty going back to sleep.

SO if it isn't too much trouble could we all have a good night (all night) sleep?


  1. Kirk: Your analysis, Mr. Spock.

    Spock: Normal human parenting situation, Captain.

    Kirk: I concur. Bones?

    McCoy: (Yawn)

  2. Yes Yes YEs I know. ANd to be honest we have been really lucky sleep-wise with all three.

  3. yup agreeing with Peter- tough but true... there are advantges to teenagers!

  4. Still, sleeplessness is rough. Hopefully this waking up at night thing is a phase that will pass quickly.