Sunday, April 08, 2007

How it Went...

SO the Weekend is over and how did worship go?

Good Friday:
Crowd was small but larger than past years. SErvice flowed well, although in listening to the recording I was reminded why I (and most others) don't like to hear myself sing. BUt with a small crowd and the accompanist being me on guitar I needed to sing into the mic for leadership purposes. The meditation on the many crosses I was happy with.

AFter worship was the walk with the cross. IT was COLD COLD COLD. My face was numb after the first stop. WE had 75-100 people at the peak--a few less than previous years. Oh and did I mention it was blessedly cold?

Easter SUnday:
I much larger crowd than I remember from last year (such cold weather encourages attendance--or discourages other activities). THe opening with "Previously, on stories of the faith..." went well. Sermon was passable at best-- a little muddy and unfocussed. WIth the larger crowd the singing was so much stronger and fuller. The real disapointment was the balloons. I had goneout yesterday afternoon and got 12 helium balloons, then set them up under blankets to be uncoveredduring the first hymn. I have seen this done before and it looks great as the balloons float to the top of their tethers as a sign of resurrection. BUt this morning we took off the blankets and they just sort of sat there. 20-21 hours after being filled they no longer floated. :( Actually I was surprised--I usually would expect at least a full day of full floatation from helium balloons.


  1. Same thing happened to us years ago in Manitoba. If I'd known you were going to try that idea, I'd have warned you... :(

  2. i do the balloon thing every year and i've had this problem especially the last two years. i HAVE to remember next year to beg the florist in the congregation to inflate the balloons and deliver when she comes to the sunrise service. such a disappointment...

  3. Anonymous25/4/07 19:07

    The florists now have something called "high float" (or something like that). It costs a little extra, but will give you an extra 12 hours or so of flotation.

    Good luck next year!