Saturday, May 24, 2008

Conferenc News

Once I have time to synthesize and summarize there will be other reflections from our conference meeting.

BUt for now, since I know some readers are interested, I will report that this proposal passed. Handily.

Not without debateas to the need for it. NOt without comment. But without a doubt in the vote.


  1. Interesting.

    The vote was the easy part.

    Implementing a process that doesn't create a "Big Brother is Watching You" mess is going to be another thing altogether.

  2. Big Brother watching you is exactly the process that will be implemented ... if one person is offended by what we write, our rights will be stripped away ... in this case, democracy is an ass ...

    Ignorance and fear are the bottom line and the United Church just caved ... and sadly, I'm not surprised ...