Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Water, Water, Water

This afternoon we got home from grocery shopping, tossed a package of toilet paper downstairs and thought "that didn't sound right".

Go downstairs and find 1-2 inches of standing water throughout the basement. Some sign that there was a bit of back-up at the floor drain, but all else appeared clean water.

Called the Property chair who got the plumber to come check/clean out the drain. Then started cleaning. One of the trustees came with a vacuum and by 8:30 (4 hours after we got home) we had done what all we could for the night.

Now a call to the insurance agent tomorrow and hopefully clean-up crew starting soon. ANd where did the water come from? It rained all day but not that heavily...
Update: most of the contents are now in a trailer. Now we take some wall panelling off and see what else needs to be done...


  1. Oh my. That's awful. I hope you have lots of help with the clean-up. It is the church's manse after all.

  2. One of the trustees helped cut out the carpet today. A trailer to store things in arrives on Friday.

    Unfortunately the insurance doesn't cover seepage. SO the church gets the whole ding for clean up and rebuild...