Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Do it Already!

For the last 2 weeks there has been non-stop speculation in Canada about whether or not PRime Minister Stephen HArper will ignore his commitment to fixed election dates and ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament, thus starting the official election campaign. (the unofficial campaign has already started as you can hardly watch TV without seeing a campaing ad for the governing party)

Now let's get one thing straight. Even though Harper brought in an act setting election dates to be every 4 years the COnstitution of Canada gives the Govrnor-General the authority and power to dissolve Parliament at any time, generally only at the request of the PM or after a vote of non-confidence in the government.

But really Mr. Harper, if you want to call an election get off the pot and do it. Stop acting like a spoiled child and complaining that the opposition won't work with you (oh and "Parliament is not giving me my way" does not mean "PArliament is dysfunctional", I'm just saying). Everyone knows you want to go to the polls, everyone believes you will do it. SO just do it and lets move on.


  1. So...let me get this straight. We in the states are not the only ones with messed up politics?

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. Oh I think everyone can find ways that their nation's politics (and politicians?) are "mesed up".

    Unfortunately our current PM seems to have been taking lessons from your current president. In fact some pundits think one of his reasons for wanting an election (which would be in early October if it is called this week) is to have it before your election because an Obama win would hurt his standing as a friend of the administration.

  3. That the Canadian taxpayers have to pay for the massive cost of an election just because of the PM's insecurities is more than an abomination. But sadly, I have to agree.


  4. Agree that that is WHY he's doing it, that is.