Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sigh.... ANd the importance of stories

Well I struggled and struggled and got my Annual Report 2/3 done. Then I realized it was nothing close to what needed to be written. (Which is likely why it was saying absolutely nothing.) Oh well, back to step one. Unfortunately what I feel needs to be said is hard to find a way to write. It means asking some hard questions about sustainability and viability...

In other news...
I have been thinking lately about stories. NOt the kind that you find on the shelf at your local bookstore, but the ones that live in all our families. This was spurred by the service for my grandfather last week. How many great stories (and how much family history) has disappeared because the participants have passed away? It would be so much better if those family stories could be recorded in some fashion. But that means pepole with both the interest and the time to do it.

OTOH, future generations may well find they have too many stories thanks to things like blogs and notes on FB and the like. And how many of those stories will they say "thank goodness that was saved!" about?


  1. Said Annual report is now written and has been posted here

  2. Gord,

    I "awarded" you over at my place.