Friday, October 02, 2009

Do You Feel Appreciated?

Were you aware that October is Clergy Appreciation Month???

I wasn't until I opened my mail this afternoon.  In it was a package addressed to me so I opened the envelope and found a card and a letter and a poster from a group called CLergy United.  The odd thing was that the letter itself was addressed to the congregation, not to me.  And the text of the letter stated that it was being sent to churches throughout Ontario.  SO why send it to me by name?  Do they expect the clergy person to pass on a letter asking that the congregation mark Clergy Appreciation Month?  That would be a little self-serving after all.  (NEver mind that I have never heard of Clergy Appreciation Month and suspect it is a new creation, and never mind that I am not a supporter of the group that sent the package and never mind that I feel quite appreciated as it is)

So anybody else heard of Clergy Appreciation Month?

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