Friday, October 02, 2009

Music, It Fills the Soul

We have in this house musical children.  Now it is my belief that ALL children are musical chidren.  I firmly believe that all of us have a musical side.  Not necessarily talent but a part of our soul resonates with music.  ANd this is most evident when we are children.  Unfortunately something about life seems to push us to restrain this musicality in our beings.

For instance, all 3 year-olds can sing.  By the time they are 15 few of them will sing in public.  I'm not talking about solos or performances, I am talking about singing at campfire or along with the radio.  Then of course there are some of us adults who still sing freely--whether we should or not.

Our girls still have that tendency to sing and move to whatever music is around without even knowing it.  Especially the SCalliwag -- on Sunday morning she simply can not sit still during hymsn, she has to dance.  This afternoon we were at coffee and she was sitting beside me colouring when suddenly we realized she was quietly singing along with the background music and her head was bouncing away (and we didn't even know she had heard the song enough to know the words).

Oh if only we could always keep the music of our souls alive!

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  1. I'm only just rediscovering my musical 3 year old! I've joined the choir and thoroughly enjoy it. I can sing!!!!