Wednesday, October 07, 2009


No not the luncheon "meat".

No not the Monty Python sketch (a classic).

The e-mail kind.  This week I noticed that my e-mail was having issues.  More precisely, my work e-mail wasn't getting through to 2 lists I am on or to the church.  I tested by sending a message to myself and it popped up as suspected spam. 

So I called my ISP (shaw) and we did some testing over the phone.  Turns out their system has suddenly decided that it dislikes my signature block.  More precisely it doesn't like the fact that I had 2 blog addresses in it. Further trials determined that while it didn't mind the church blog it was flagging my blog of worship resources as spam.  I forwarded a message to the people who could supposedly fix this but haven't had a response yet.

Still, what does it mean to have a link to a blog of worship resources flagged as spam?


  1. That is the rabbinic question of the day...

  2. Computers are only as smart as the people who program em...sad state for the spam filter....

  3. I wish the spam I got linked to worship resources instead of porn and viagra. It would be less shocking when I accidentally click on a link.