Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Things kids say

Last week I was washing the dishes while the girls were (supposedly) getting ready for bed.   Monkey came into the kitchen and this discussion ensued:

Me:  Have you brushed your teeth?
Monkey:  Nope
Me: Well go do it then
Monkey: I can't reach my toothbrush
Me:  well use the stool
Monkey:  No, you arms are in the way
Me: What?
Monkey: your arms are in the way, I can't reach!

So I head down to the bathroom, muttering about the fact tht this made no sense.  I was in another room, my arms aren't in the way, possibly a couple comments about delaying tactics.

I open the cabinet and see------the deodorant container in front of the cup with the toothbrushes in it.

SO of course Daddy's arms were in the way, to a three-year-old mind it made sense I am sure.

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