Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ah what the heck...

AS seen many many places (most recently at Inner Dorothy's), the Alphabet meme.
  • Accent: SInce we all have and accent I have to say yes. I speak Canadian. ANd am proud of it. I used to do a barely passable English at times, and something that is a mixture of Scots-Irish.
  • Booze: Rarely. BUt I do like a nice draft beer. Or a glass of white wine from time to time. Have been known to overdo it on rum or vodka in my younger days.
  • Chore I hate: Oh so many. Tidying and straitening -- I am ruler of the "it's in that pile somewhere" organizing system.
  • Dog or cat: Dogs.
  • Essential electronics: computer, CD player.
  • Favorite cologne(s): DOn't wear them. Occasionally wear a scented aftershave, but only when I use a blade razor.
  • Gold or silver: Silver or White Gold.
  • Hometown: WHat does home town mean? City of BRidges where I was born or Suburb of City of Champions where I "grew up" or Small-former mining-town where I have started my family?
  • Insomnia: NOt really, only some moments of difficulty shutting off the brain to go to or go back to sleep. Oh and then there is the fact that everyone else in the house snores. Loudly.
  • Job title: Rabble-rouser. FLoor-sweeper. Preacher. PAstor.
  • Kids: Two at present, in 5 weeks from today it will be three (that mean 2 and 8/9's?)
  • Living arrangements: A manse with "the smallest manse washroom in Cambrian Presbytery" (so described by the Presbytery Secretary)
  • Most admirable trait: Devotion to causes, and people.
  • Number of sexual partners: more than zero, less than ten
  • Overnight hospital stays: Apart from when I was born (and got jaundiced) never.
  • Phobias: SOmewhat claustrophobic, that's about it--other than my recurring fear everyone will find out I don't have a clue (sort of an Emperor's New Clothes fear)
  • Quote: from Pogo "We have met the enemy and he is us"
  • Religion: Protestant. Christian. Liberal.
  • Siblings: One sister, younger. Oh then all those who are part of that "family of GOd, children of GOd" thing.
  • Time I wake up: Generally 30 minutes before the alarm, then can't get to sleep, then just before the alarm sounds (7:00) fall back to sleep --unless the girls are already awake
  • Unusual talent or skill: Ummmmmmmmm, no idea.
  • Vegetable I refuse to eat: So many to choose from, really not a fan of the veggies.
  • Worst habit: Terrible procrastinator (and doing things at the last minute).
  • X-rays: Just my teeth. Correction: I had a chest X-Ray after a positive TB skin test.
  • Yummy foods I make: SPaghetti sauce, homemade buns, cookies, pseudo chicken cordon bleu. Partner insists anything I cook is yummy, I have my doubts.
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces.

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