Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Public Meeting tonight

To hear the report of the consultants hired to help alleviate the loss of the Generating station. Frankly, I am skeptical of what we will hear (almost skeptical enough to not go to the meeting).
Atikokan residents will have a chance Wednesday night to review the recommendations contained in an economic and strategic community development report ... Mayor Dennis Brown says he would like to see a number of positive recommendations, including the creation of a Laminated Lumber facility. Brown says he also wants the report to recognize mining opportunities in the area.
If indeed that is what the report has it will be a disappointment. It means that nobody is truly trying to think outside the little box labeled "Resource-based community". I think that box is too limiting, and that the box will soon implode anyway. Hopefully there are some recommendations for moving in new directions. Hopefully there is a recognition that many small employers can be as much or more helpful (and a far more likely possibility) than one big one. Hopefully, but realistically not expected...

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