Sunday, April 30, 2006


I almost missed this story this weekend. IT should have been plastered on every front page and led every TV/radio broadcast. And been accompanied by words like shameful amd saddening:

The United Nations plans to cut individual food rations to six million people sheltering from violence in Sudan by half, saying it cannot afford to give them all a proper daily ration.

ANd yet we still do nothing. Darfur is a blot upon the West's humanitarianism, while we have been preoccupied with the President's foray into regime change/re-creation in Iraq and firefights in Afghanistan people have been being slaughtered and starved. Maybe if they launched a terror campaign (or made a credible threat to do so) against the West they would get attention?

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  1. Anonymous2/5/06 11:12

    I didn't catch this either.

    sigh :(