Friday, April 28, 2006

THis doesn't quite add UP

Eldest went to the Dr. for a 3-year check up today (a month early but we could get one now and we suspect May might be a little busy). Dr. was concerned at height which was only the 5th percentile. Said to come back in 6 months for a height check.

BUt here's the thing. HEr weight was about the 35-40th percentile. And that doesn't seem to add up because the child is not remotely heavy, not even pudgy really. When we got home we remeasured and the height is actually (by our chart) about the 10th %ile. BUt still, it seems to me that a child who is on par for weight and below average height should appear pudgy. Readers who know us, would you call her pudgy? Maybe the grids are out of line? (to be the same point in height she is for weight she would need to be an inch taller).

Let's be honest, she has lots of short genes. Many women on my side are less than tall, I am 5'8", mom is 5'1". She will never be a skyscraper. BUt still the comparable points on the grid just don't make sense to me.

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  1. No, I wouldn't call her "pudgy" at all. I would only call her (and her sister) entirely adorable.

    It does seem odd that the height/weight thing is out of sync. I've always wondered about the parameters of "normal" that we're supposed to fit into.

    I know people who are my height (namely, short. really short) but have a bone structure like a frail bird. I'm somewhat more...hmmm...sturdy. So why would we weigh the same just because we're the same height? It doesn't make sense.