Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Five: Summer Change

1. Share a highlight from this summer. (If you please, don't just say "our vacation to the Canadian Rockies." Give us a little detail or image. Help us live vicariously through you!)
A day at the lake that was sunny but not too hot. Nice and relaxing.

2. Are you glad to see this summer end? Why or why not?
Neither glad or sad. Life goes on and each season has its good points and bad. Mind you I am still wondering how it is the end of August already
3. Name one or two things you're looking forward to this fall.
THe hope that the church will start doing some visioning work. Wathcing the girls get excited for Halloween. Eldest starting school.
4. Do you have any special preparations or activities to mark the transition from one season to another? (Cleaning of house, putting away summer clothes, one last trip to the beach)
WEll I don't do the clothing changeover (loved one has started that already) but this weekend I plan to lower the mower deck and give the lawn the last cut of the year --before teh leaves come crashing down.
5. I'll know that fall is really here when _The garden is harvested and covered with its leafy blanket for the winter.

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  1. Nice play...and great photo of the lake. I want to jump in!

    Also LOVE the Jean Houston quote.