Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Labour Liturgy

This coming Weekend is Labour Day. ANd we are marking it in worship--sort of. LAbour Day as a holiday has its roots in the union movement. But we are talking about the labours of our lives and whether they are simply exhausting or if there is something more as we ask For What Do You Labour?

Here are some Labour-inspired liturgy pieces written for the occassion:
In the midst of our labours…
we come to worship and be refreshed.
In our search for fulfillment…
we come looking for the “more” of life
With our cracked cisterns and empty hearts…
we come to find the living water and to be filled.
Let us join the Creator in the labour of re-creation…

God here we offer the fruits of our labour and our labour itself. May all that we have to give work for the time when we will all be filled with living water, and when we can all go out with joy.

Our worship is ended, our service continues.
You mean there is still work to do?
Yes, we continue to labour with God for the coming Kingdom
So we go out and keep working?
Yes, but we trust that this work will not exhaust us but will refresh us
Oh, we work to build cisterns that will hold the living water, we work for those things that bring fulfillment.
That’s it! And remember always that the Creator, the Redeemer, and the Spirit are with you in your work.
Thanks be to the Threefold God! Amen.

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