Monday, August 13, 2007

This Doesn't Make Sense...

LAst year we did far more on holidays. We started on the first day with 3.5 days of driving in summer heat and tenting with 3 kids and a neurotic dog in the heat of August. ANd we ended with 3 days of travel (one of them quite long) in September.

This year we started with 3 days of relaxation, then a week in the city 2 hours drive away, then a visit from family.

And I am far more exhausted and stressed 3 weeks in than I was last year. Not well rested at all, stress level as high as 3 weeks ago (which was fairly high as I chart my reactions to things).

THis was supposed to be a nice relaxing holiday. Why was last year's more active one more relaxing? Is there that much to be said for going away?


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  2. I think it depends on many things. Has anyone from the church been keeping you connected to what's happening there? Sometimes that makes a vacation at home feel very little like a real vacation. Therefore the stress.

    I know people mean well, but on vacation I DO NOT want to know what is going on at church.