Thursday, August 16, 2007

OK< Get Over IT People

Watching the news earlier today I saw coverage from Graceland. Here is one story (RealPlayer)
OR here is a text story.

I don't get it. WHat is this massive fan frenzy for someone who has been dead (not missing, not pumping gas in some small town in Louisiana, not abducted by aliens--dead) for 30 years? I didn't even ever hear of the man until a month after he died (admittedly I was 8 at the time). ANd I am not an incredibly bifg fan of his music.

Mind you I have trouble understanding Beatle mania, or modern equivalents like Garth Brooks or the SPice Girls either. Guess I'm just not much for pop idols.

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  1. I don't get it either. Is it because we have so few places for genuine pilgrimage in North America that people feel the need to invent them? If we were closer to the truely ancient sacred places would it take the edge of the madness?