Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Remembered

THere will be more to this post later today. But for now, there is an open comments thread for prayers in memory here Let us remember, let us pray.

9:00 And now the more...

September 11, 2007, just before leaving to go over to the office I decide to check the news. ANd saw the first tower burning and the 2nd plane hit. Then tower 1 fell just before I walked out the door. The rest of the day was listening to the radio tell the same story over and over...

So now, 6 years later, where are we? Are we in a better place?

Well we have an unresolved conflict in AFghanistan, a civil war in IRaq, a US administration that has (in the words of one person I spoke with this summer) "dismantled the Bill of Rights". AS many people starve to death each day as died in the towers, as many Iraqis die in less than a week, and the US still governs its people by fear. No, I can't say we are in a better place. Maybe worse in some ways.

Today is a day for remembering those in the towers, the planes, the PEntagon. But it also a day for remembering all that followed from that series of events. FOr all the dead, the many many thousands of dead, we mourn. FOr a world which continues to fail to find a way to actually deal with terrorism, we pray. For a world which has steadfastly resisted moving past black/white, right/wrong, us/them dualities, we hope. We pray and hope for a new way of seeing.

ANd may it come soon.


  1. How I wish we had the binoculars of hindsight when we walk into conflict. Of any kind. Or at least a collective memory that says, UH... wait a minute...