Friday, September 07, 2007

Beginnings Remembered

15 years ago September 7 was Labour Day Monday.

On that day I was settling in to my first apartment, a dimly lit basement room. Or the hole as I affectionately refer to it.

THe next day would be my first day as a student at St. Andrew's College, the United Church college in Saskatoon.

My waht a ride it has been since then. Two years of seminary, then a failed internship, then a four year break, then a new internship and final year of school. That makes a degree.

ANd of course 6 years of ministry since then--including marriage and 3 beautiful daughters.

Never would have predicted that list as I rode around on my bike getting accustomed to my new neighbourhood.

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  1. There is something about being able to look back at the difficult times and mine the gold from them. No, you'd never want to live through them again, but you can appreciate that the ride, as you put it so well, has been worth it.