Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DElusional Sermon

I don't write sermons. I don't use notes either. BUt once a year or so there is a sermon that the reaction tells me people might want written out. LAst SUnday was one of those weeks.

SO this morning I say down and transcribed the recorded sermon (with a few alterations here and there). Feel free to visit the church blog and read The God Delusion.

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  1. recently read God is Not Great, and I just LOVE Christopher Hitchens. I first heard him on CNN talking about Jerry Falwell, and I loved his phraseology, wittiness, and blunt manner. He’s got some things quite wrong in God is not Great, but he’s definitely got some things right. He’s an equal opportunity religion-basher, and he’s got an ego and a fantastic vocabulary; it’s a combination that makes him a lot of fun to read. I’m looking forward to catching up with him by reading his other books. (*Beware that you might find him offensive. That’s part of why I adore him.)

    --this from Renee over at Ianua

    I felt that it was relevant to your posting, and offer on my blog, my latest Spirituality column. Again, relevant. Enjoy.