Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Advent is Coming!

Both in meaning and in time that is. In less than a month we will be into Advent. Here is where I am at so far:
Advent 2007
Christmas is…

1st Sunday December 2 – Christmas is waiting and hope
Character (story or monologue) Isaiah & Unemployed person
-Isaiah 2:1-5
-Isaiah 35:1-10
-Isaiah 11:1-10

2nd Sunday December 9 – Christmas is life-changing
Character (story or monologue) Mary & modern Mary
-Luke 1:47-55
-Luke 1:26-46

3rd Sunday December 16 – Christmas is carols and children
Character (story or monologue) Pageant Sunday, White Gifts

4th Sunday December 23 – Christmas is chaos and calm
Character (story or monologue) Joseph & modern parent
-Isaiah 7:10-16
-Matthew 1:18-25
-Genesis 1: 1-2, 31-2:3

Christmas Eve – Christmas is light in the darkness
Character (story or monologue) ??????
-Isaiah 9:2-7
-Luke 2:1-14 (15-20??)
-John 1:1-4
-Genesis 1:1-4

The intent is that each week will include a Biblical story and a modern story around the theme. Much of it will be first person or interview style. I am also thinking of playing with the order of worship in here so maybe the character will pop up a couple times during the service (I think Mary would work well that way). Maybe on the 4th Sunday the service will be split between chaos and calm? Still have to come up with hymns, and the Scriptures are somewhat tentative, but I am hoping that now that I have titles the rest will come easily.

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