Monday, November 19, 2007

Reign of Christ COmmissioning

This Sunday is the end of the Liturgical year, the Reign of Christ Sunday. It also means that we are about to start another Advent and teh new year. This COmmissioning attempts to provide a bridge...

The circle goes round and round again
As one year ends we prepare for another to begin.
We celebrate the now of God’s Reign
Remembering that God promises to provide leadership that will guide and protect God’s people.
We also recognize that God’s Reign is not yet complete
And so we go out to help it reach its completion, we go out praying “thy kingdom come, thy will be done”
We close the year sharing the ancient prayer “Maranatha – come Lord Jesus.”
And begin the new awaiting with hope the birth of a baby who will change the world.
As we go out with hope and promise we go held in the love of the Shepherd God: our Guide, our Protector, our Leader.
Reign of God, break into our lives! Amen.


  1. Hi Gord,

    My name is Mike Perreault and I am a minister in Ottawa, at Rothwell United Church. I came upon your commissioning and benediction for "Reign of Christ Sunday" (always a tough nut to crack...I'm not that big on Imperialism) and would love to use it this Sunday. Can I get your full name so I can give you proper credit?

  2. SUre Mike. Gord Waldie, Riverview United, Atikokan ON