Saturday, November 24, 2007

TO MArket TO Market...

No we didn't buy a pig (plump or fresh or otherwise)

BUt we did make use of our time in the city. BOught skates for the girls (the hope here was to find what fit then have daddy go back later to buy them as Christmas presents--that didn't work). DId a variety of other errands.

One was to buy some props for the Christmas Eve Service. WEnt in, found the box we were looking for, bought it. When we got home at 5ish Beloved got the box out, then comes into the living room asking "did you take these out?" Turns out we paid $13 for an empty box!!!!! Call the store, explain what happened and that we are out of town--only option they can come up with is to bring teh box and the reciept into the store. Maybe have to find another way to plan for the 24th.

Oh and we got a new van. A few months erlier than planned (we had 3 months left on our lease) but the deal was as good as it would be then and htey included paying out the lease. And we now are the owners (?? we haven't actually paid for it yet of course--5 years of payments) of a bright red 2008 Sedona. ANd my were the girls excited--all the way home they were downright wired.

If we had been on the ball we would have taken a picture right after picking it up, when it was still clean and shiny. Now it has a nice glazing of road salt and muck but a picture may appear soon....


  1. That's a bummer about the empty box. Can I help with that? Perhaps a faxed copy of the receipt and permission for the store to give me the item?? I could mail it to you. Let me know if I can help you out with that.

    A New! Van! - Sweet.

  2. THat would be great Sue. One of us will call you tomorrow