Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kids and music and church...

Today was our music Sunday at church. This morning was our "Favourite Hymns" service. WE sang 14 pieces and listened to another 3 on CD--all from a list of favourites that was built over the last few weeks. THis is something we do every couple of years. For Children's Time I sang part of Sing, SIng a SOng before talking about who likes singing--with Eldest leaning in close to teh mic to sing along.

THen this evening we hosted Bruce and Cheryl Harding in concert. THis was very enjoyable as attested by all those in attendance. BUt here is the best story of the night.

About 5:30 I see a car in the parking lot so I head over to open the doors and turn on lights etc. It is our guests so I call the house to say that I was staying over to help them set up. About 25 minutes later, I am about to get my jacket on and cross back to the house for a bit when I hear the rest of the family arrive. Apparently after I phoned Eldest decide it was time to leave. She got dressed, she got coat and boots on, and demanded mom open the back door for her so she could come over.

Mom convinced her to/made her wait till everyone else was ready and they came over. 15 hours before the concert they came over. Eldest ran in and talked and talked and talked to them. Oh yeah, she was just a little excited. ANd she sat with mom and sang along for the whole 2 hours despite being so incredibly tired.

A good day all in all.

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  1. I was so sorry to miss them when they came through town on the weekend. I'm glad you had a chance to host this talented duo.