Thursday, November 15, 2007

Memories are made of this....

This morning while playing around on facebook I found a group for St. Albert Children's Theatre Alumni. ANd man did that bring back memories.

St. Albert Children's Theatre was started with a dramatic adaptation of The Hobbit in an old arena in the summer of 1981. 26 years later it is still going strong. THere were 3 summer plays at the arena and then St. Albert opened the Arden Theatre. From that point on the program bloomed to include fall and winter performances as well as summer drama camps.

SACT, and an accompanying program called the Arts Renaissance Troop of St Albert, largely helped me remain sane--well at least as sane as I get--in my teens. Especially in Grade 9 when my school life was hellish, these people were friends who helped make for a safe place. It is one of the few things I wish I could do again from my teen years. WHether I was on stage or behind the scenes I really truly enjoyed those 6 years. My last show with SACT was in the summer of 1986, my last show with ARTS was the spring of my Grade 12 year, 1987.

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