Monday, December 10, 2007

A Christmas Quiz

ONe of the participants on WonderCafe posted this quiz in the forum. NO cheating--try it without the Bible in front of you.
According to Scripture (as opposed to common wisdom and carols):
  1. Who was visited by an angel to foretell the birth?
  2. In which Gospel did this angel appear?
  3. Which of the gospel's tells the story of Jesus being born in a stable?
  4. Which of the gospel's tells the story of the Magi or Kings?
  5. How many Magi visited the baby?
  6. What was their mode of transportation?
  7. What does Mark's gospel tell about the first Christmas?
  8. Which gospel tells about the donkey?
  9. What animals are mentioned?
  10. Which gospel tells about a star?
  11. Which gospel tells about angels singing?
  12. Did the innkeepers wife persuade him to give these travellers shelter?
  13. Which gospel has Mary & Jospeh taking their baby to the temple to be dedicated?
  14. Which gospel has them fleeing in haste to Egypt?
  15. What did the littlest shepherd offer to the baby Jesus?

ANd here are 3 questions I added to his:

  1. Which Gospel has Joseph and Mary living in Nazareth before the birth?
  2. Which gospel mentions a house?
  3. How fussy was the baby? HOw do we know?

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