Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On LEaving the Community

THis morning I became aware of this website.

The creator, James Love is a disgruntled former member of the order of ministry in the United Church. I have never met him save for both of us taking part in United Online.

NOw I have to say that when a faith community ceases to be a place one can call home spiritually then the mature and responsible (not to mention Scriptural) thing to do is leave it behind in search of a new home. And I can see the need for a pastoral presnce to help those who are coming to the same conclusion. But I see something else in this website.

I see poaching, an attempt to convince people that the UCCan is no longer a "real church" and so people should leave them behind. I see an attempt to foment discontent and conflict (see the subversive stayers link). I see an inability to let go, to fully leave -- sort of like a divorce when one party is so consumed by the supposed (or real) wrongs of the other that they keep harping on them. ANd so I also see anger and hurt.

Scripture tells us to shake the dust off our feet and move on. THat is hard and painful but it is also mature and responsible. This website saddens me. It saddens me because its writer is so obviously hurt by a place he once called home. ANd it saddens me because rather than moving on he continues to snipe at a place many of us still call home and are, frankly, tired of having the same arguements over and over.

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  1. Unimpressed with his web site, and trust me, Gord, no one will go with him to the non-existent "Christ's church" who hasn't already decided to leave because the UCCAN is not conservative enough for them.

    Interesting: I felt a strong sense of deja vu on reading his stuff, because it reminded me of the Community of Concern nonsense of the early 1990s.