Thursday, December 27, 2007

The THings Kids Say

Last week we are at coffee and the local paper editor says he has to run to take a picture at the mall. Who of? Some of teh Lions he says. "Tigers and bears too?" some smart-aleck clergy type asks. Everyone says "oh my!" and has a good laugh (always nice to know you can throw a punch line out there and have people catch on).

A few minutes later the Eldest comes up to mom and says very earnestly "I want to go to the mall"
"Not to day" comes teh reply.
"BUt I want to go to the mall!"
"I want to see the tigers"

Dead silence, followed by muffled laughter from all the adults. THe editor then explains that it was Lions but not real Lions-- just people called Lions.

But she was very earnest about it---she wanted to go see the tigers. AFter all, she happened to see tigers in town last speing. THe circus tigers were passing through town and she saw them at the local campground (quite by coincidence as it happened).


  1. Ba-dum-bum...

    Good smart-aleck response there Gord. Yes, those little ears here everything. For some reason our sons both turned out to have very dry, often strange senses of humour. Must have been something they picked up at school - it's not like they could have learned it from their parents.



  2. uh, that should read "hear" everything. (sheesh...)