Monday, December 31, 2007

Year In Review Meme

January: According to the Belief-O-Matic that is.
February: Now the question is do I buy it this summer in hardcover or wait an extra year till the paperback comes out????
MArch: Well the good news is we, technically speaking, still have water.
April: For the best April Fool I have seen this year check this out!
MAy: [You TUbe Video] Growing up in a world where many of the big gains of feminism had been made, it was easy to think that all people accepted that equality had nothing to do with gender.
June: So I have almost recovered from the weekend.
July: July 1, 1867: THe British North America Act took effect and Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined into the Dominion of Canada.
August: [picture] LAst month we got a djembe
September: Spending a rainy afternoon working on liturgy and planning sermons from now till Reign of Christ Sunday.
October: In the last few years the UCCan has instituted a policy saying that every one in paid ministry is entitled to a 3 month sabbatical (at full salary and benefits) after 5 years of continuous service (and presumably every 5 years thereafter).
November: Whenever I preach on November 11 (Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day, or Veteran's Day) I use a story.
December: 'Tis the season for a flurry of bulletins as we need to get up until January 6 done in the next couple of weeks.

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