Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Toy!

LAst month we ordered a new toy. This week when Patty went in to visit her mom she picked it up.

We now have ourselves a djembe!

We got a 14" one from REMO. You can see more here. Ours has the Multi-Mask finish.

NOw I just am trying to figure out how to build Children's Time around it tomorrow


  1. We ordered it through COlosimo's Peter.

    THe Girls love it. THe best is seeing Miriam standing on tiptoe and reaching above her head to play the drum (which is basically the same height she is).

    For children's time this morning we talked abotu different instruments we hear at church. Played a few bars on the piano, then on the organ setting, then on the guitar, then we talked about the djembe. It served to advertise for a concert coming to the church in November

  2. Hmm, not through Sean at Music Workshop? He is "Mr Percussion" here in the Bay...

    But then, I got to take my guitars out to Saskatoon (where I got them both) and jam with Paddy Tutty and a bunch of other dear friends, so my envy is tempered somewhat. Say, your djembe and our guitars...? Hmm.

  3. WEll we had dealt with Colosimio's last winter upgrading the church sound system and were happy with them so stayed there.