Monday, July 16, 2007

We'll Find Out in a Week.

A week ago I sought guesses as to how the Harry Potter saga might end. Here are some of my thoughts.

AS much as I thought it a silly idea when I first heard/read it I have been thinking about Harry as a Horcrux. At the end of Chamber of Secrets Harry asks Dumbledore why he is a parselmouth like Riddle. Dumbledore says that he believes Voldemort accidentally transmitted part of himself to Harry when he tried to kill him. But can a Horcrux be created accidentally?

Can Tom Riddle be redeemed? What we see of him as an 11 year old suggests that he may have his families inherent instability from birth, coupled with abandonment feelings and an over-defined sense of his own importance. But then again who believed taht Anakin Skywalker could emerge from the dark metal known as Darth Vader.

But Harry, I sense that Harry is walking on a fine line. Twice he has tried to use an Unforgiveable Curse (the Cruciatus at Bellatrix at the end of OOTP and an again at Snape at the end of HBP). Harry's sense of vengenance is over developed. He is passionate and quick to anger. WHat happens when an otherwise good person uses an Unforgiveable Curse succesfully? What does it do to one's psyche?

And I have been thinking tonight about Dumbledore's weak "Severus, please" at the end of Half-Blood Price. WAs he pleading for his life or for Snape to so what he did? Does the ending of HBP give Voldemort a false sense of security (Dumbledore was the one wizard Voldemort feared)? DOes this make him arrogant and lead him into a mis-step?

And if RAB was Regulus Black (which makes a lot of sense) then it seems likely that the locket Harry Ron and Hermione once found in the Grimmaud Place house was indeed the missing Horcrux. BUT who knows how to destroy it?

Diary, Ring--both accounted for. Locket--possibly located. Harry?? THat makes 4. Tom asked about making 6. 2 yet to be identified.

Oh and as an aside. This week as I was re-reading HBP and the memories of Tom Riddle as a child and also started reading Philosopher's Stone to the girls it struck me that there are strange similarities between Tom and Dudley Dursley. Mind you a bully is a bully whether magical or Muggle I suppose. WHat would have happened had DUdley somehow been born with wizarding abilities?


  1. These are such interesting thoughts, Gord. I'm trying to finish re-reading 5 so I can have a go at 6 before getting 7! I've forgotten so many of the details, I need the re-reading very much.
    I do remember like the Harry as Horcrux idea.

  2. Great questions Gord!! All will be revealed this weekend...