Monday, July 30, 2007

VAcation COntinues

SO here we are in the City enjoying vacation time. Last week we went to the local cheese farm and saw them making cheese. THe girls loved that. (we have pictures but they are stil on teh camera). ANd lots of time in grandma's pool to help break the heat.

And of course we went to the "big mall" as the girls call it. And all three have had a great time playing with Grandma.

Oh and there is looking at vans. Our lease comes due next MArch so we thought we would take time while we had it to start looking (have already had brochures sent to us for short-listing purposes). Now the first place we go we mention that we are just starting and looking to purchase/lease next winter and the salesperson is perfectly good with that. Just shows us the vehicle and asks of we have any question, takes my card in case an 8 seater comes in instead of the standard 7. The next place not so good. NO matter that we said repeated that we were just starting the process he didn't seem to hear. Wanted to give info about how they could help us pay our way out of the lease early and give number information (never mind that we have yet to decide purchase or lease--that will depend on payments--or that we have not even discussed price and options or anything).

WHat is it about "we aren't at that point yet" that salespeople (of a variety of types) have such trouble understanding?

Now we are relaxing. Well the rest of the family are relaxing while I do a 1st Aid Course. THen home for a while with a reliable internet connection--here we rely on intermittently picking up (borrowing) a wireless signal of enough strength from one of the neighbours.

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  1. Met your partner and #2 child at the A & P. They are thoroughly enjoying the "big city".