Monday, July 23, 2007

Truth in COmmunication

Dear Chapters,

I understand that some of us in small rural communities can not take advantage of a special Saturday delivery. And I am fine with that. However, when I read on your web-site:
If your address is ineligible for Saturday delivery, we will make every effort to deliver your order as quickly as possible: your order will arrive early the week of July 23. (see the bottom of the page)
then I interpret that to mean that it will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I do not interpret that to mean that it will be shipped on the Monday (as it happens it is still listed as awaiting shipping as of 6:00 pm CDT on the Monday). With a 2-4 day delivery time this means the expected arrival is mid-late week not early in the week. If you plan to deliver on that schedule then please name that openly. AS it stands I find that you are guilty of providing false information. Had I had accurate information I would have ordered from the local bookstore despite the $15+ price differential.

Also I find your logic confusing. The Customer Service rep I spoke with said that the book was to be shipped today because it was the first business day following the launch. However every book that was delivered to readers on Saturday obviously was shipped out of your warehouse before the launch. Why do those of us in small communities not get the same treatment? Those copies could easily have been in the postal system to be delivered today or tomorrow. People in small rural communities are familiar with being treated unfairly. But that doesn't mean we accept it.


  1. That. Completely. Sucks.

  2. If it's any consolation, we in the Big Urban Centre Near You were also promised Saturday delivery of our copy--as of yesterday (July 23) by 10 AM, nothing had arrived.

    Our neighbour will gather mail for us, but it would have nice to have it to read aloud to one another on our trip.