Sunday, July 22, 2007

ANd HEre It Is...

Hooray, Holidays are here!

4 weeks of rest. Well as much rest as 3 kids 4 and under allows.

Harry Potter should be in the mailbox tomorrow (maybe Tuesday) and then I get to soak in to the world of wizards. And a trip to teh city later this week (to hopefully a place cooler than this house wil be given the weather forecast).


  1. Enjoy your vacation time Gord!!

  2. Unfortunately the chaters website lists my order as "awaiting shipment". This after they sent an e-mail (which I didn't save unfortunately) saying it would arrive as soon as possible after July 21 as I couldn't get delivery on that day. If they aren't shipping it till tomorroqw I will not be impressed--reading it was menat to be my decompression tactic.