Sunday, July 08, 2007

So Who Will IT Be??

In 2 short weeks many people will be carefully tucked in with a new book, catching up with an old (although just a teenager) friend. (Mind you some of us will have to wait until at least Monday the 23rd since we have no mail delivery on Saturday)

JK Rowling has announced that 2 main characters will die in this final book. NOw of course some main, and well-loved, characters are no longer in play (don't want to name names just in case someone who doesn't yet know who dies in 5 & 6 is reading). BUt who will be gone by the end of Deathly Hallows?

Bets I have seen include Harry, Lord Voldemort, Rone, Hermione, Ginny, HAgrid, Snape, Draco, and the DUrsleys.

Here is one thread of guesses (don't go here if you don't want to know who is already dead)

Here is another and here as well (again spoiler alert for these)

Other guesses I have seen include 2 dead characters making a miraculous reappearance but I find those to be unlikely.

I can make logical arguements for how many of them would follow the story line as created thus far. So who wants to make a prediction?


  1. My guess is Snape- I am convinced he is on the good side, and that he hides another secret...but what might it be???

  2. I plan to go out on a limb this Sunday before the sermon and say that Harry is NOT going to die. You heard it here first.

    Rowling has said that two characters get the axe that she thought would make it. Though it breaks my heart to say it, I'm predicting Fred and George. Both are powerful wizards and brave to the point of recklessness. They will die heroically, but it will break my heart. They are just pure joy and goodness. It's like killing a dog.

    Voldy's dead meat, but evil will live on, as it always does until kingdom come.

  3. I definately think one is a Weasley, possibly Percy! And Voldemort must be killed...although "there are worse things".

  4. Oh I hadn't thought about Fred and George, but it makes sense that they might join the fight. I too, am holding out hope for Snape, and think that a sacrificial death might redeem him. Also, I wonder if Neville might ultimately play a key role in Voldemort's defeat....

  5. Neville is going to vindicate his parents by killing Bellatrix Lestrange. Mark my words.

  6. I predict Draco - but that he will die, refusing to join the deatheaters. I think the end of book 6 shook him to his core, and that he is not really as evil as his father - and will die proving it.

    ok, and my word verification? ahrry!! Thats all the letters for harry!

  7. Queen Mum I too think that NEville has a part to play. AFter all, he was the other possible chosen one.

  8. Snape dies trying to kill Voldemort.
    and either Ron or Hagrid die protecting Harry so that Harry can kill Voldemort.

  9. Anonymous11/7/07 21:51

    Neville and Snape get my votes - although I had not thought about Fred & George - that would make my heart hurt - but I would not miss Percy much. I like the thoughts about Draco, but what if something pushes him just a bit more over the edge and he becomes the heir to Voldemort's followers in a much smaller way?

  10. Not Fred and George! Anyone but Fred and George!
    I think Snape is likely and Neville will play a huge role! Just got back from the movie and loved it! I cannot wait for the book!

  11. So... it seems a lot of folks are NOT assuming that Rowling is intending for Voldemort to be one of the two characters who will die????? My vote... sorry everyone.... is for either Voldemort and Harry or Voldemort and Snape. I don't want either Snape or Harry to die (I too hold out hope for a good Snape to be revealed). But I MUST believe that Rowling will kill off Voldy (though not, as reverendmother so sagely says, evil...)