Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This SHow is Fun

Sometimes summer TV comes out with real gems. A couple years ago there wsa one called (I think) WHere ARe They NOw? about 80's acts coming back for a reprise.

This year NBC has one called The Singing Bee. THe premise is that if you know song lyrics then you win cash. Since many of the songs chosen the last 2 weeks have been from my teen years (or classics from the 70's) it has been a real hoot. Mind you last week the baby just sort of looked at mommy and daddy like they had lost their minds.

Oh and it appears that I would do relatively well on the show....


  1. Oh, I'm really good at this one too!! However, it reminded me of just how bad some of those 70s tunes really were.

  2. I'm good at this one too...till they get to the current stuff...not so good at that.