Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Dear Chapters,
I wish to apologize for yesterdays rant.

It is now apparent that your systems have simply failed to keep up in the flurry of Harry Potter mania. While the website still lists my order as awaiting shipment I have teh book in hand with a shipping invoice showing that it was indeed shipped on July 21.

Obviously the problem is in data entry not in your processes. I apologize.


  1. Anonymous24/7/07 17:29

    Dear Gord,

    I'm in charge of customer service at Indigo. I'm so happy you got your book today. Believe me, our entire operation has been focused (I'm talkin' 7x24) on getting this book to everyone who pre-ordered as quickly as possible. As you noted, not only our operations, but our systems have been taxed well beyond their normal capacity (thus the delay in the update of your order status). Because of the strict security with Harry Potter, we couldn't even start handling the books until a short time ago.

    I wish we could have gotten it to you on Saturday, but at least you got it today.

    Stan Gabriszeski

  2. Anonymous24/7/07 22:37

    I am thinking you got it after this morning's coffee time & before this afternoon's as we did not see you... at the good news announce nor at coffee. I am guessing someone is hiding in a book for a while - whilest on holiday none-the-less !!!

  3. Not mention failing to change the web site prior to the book launch.