Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WHat's it worth these days?

Yesterday eldest came home with a very loose front tooth.

Given that:
a) she is only 4.5 which seems early for teeth to be falling out;
b) she complained about it hurting; and
c) she told us it started hurting after she used her teeth to flip up the straw on her juice cup
we were a little concerned she had injured the tooth and made a dentist visit yesterday afternoon. Dentist took an X-ray and turns out that the front teeth are in fact coming in (and very fast since the X-ray in October didn't show them at all) and this tooth should fall out any day now.

Now this is right in keeping with the fact that her first teeth came in early and fast--at 3 months they just started sprouting like crazy. So it makes sense to have this happen early -- she is getting a molar early too, with no complaint about pain.

But the real qustion is: when the tooth fairy visits, what does a tooth go for these days???


  1. who knows- all teeth are special we gave 20 (english ) pennies per tooth 12 yrs ago- aprox 50 c... but who knows....

  2. Sorry, but I'm likely no help to you. My boys got 25 cents per tooth, but they are in their mid-twenties.

    I think a shiny loonie would be nice, but what do I know? I'm old enough to be someone's grandmother. :)

  3. WEll Sue you gave both of us a good laugh anyway.

  4. --that'll throw anybody off the scent.Go for a loonie and a new toothbrush=

  5. a tooth at my house is worth $1 (sometimes a "gold" dollar coin and sometimes a dollar bill creatively folded)