Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tooth Fairies Should be Organized

YEsterday morning Eldest came running in saying "Daddy daddy! My tooth fell out!"

Our first thought "Oh no, it fell out over night and is lost" but no, she had it in her hand. SO we set it in a safe place until bedtime, then in a ziplock and under the pillow it goes.

LAter last evening, it comes time for a tooth fairy visit. ANd neither of us have the proper change! Luckily I remember that there may be a loon at teh church so we scrape together $1 of loose change and I run over to make the switch.

ORganized, competent parents would likely have thought of such things before 9:30 right?????


  1. Organized parents - this is clearly an oxymoron. There is no such thing.

    Save this story. Your children will delight in them when they are grown up.

    So you went with the loonie then? Good choice.

  2. lol
    Our tooth fairy was so disorganised that she often had to leave a note and an i.o.u...She also had a spell in a sanatorium, because the parental disorganisation was such that a really good excuse was needed.
    Pretty hopeless, really ;-)

  3. Gord
    Do you actually know any organized parents?
    I am reminded of Anne Lamott in Grace Eventually, where she makes reference to her conversation with the honest parents she knows. I think she knows 2 sets of parents who fit that bill.

    This story is far less fun if you are organized...