Sunday, February 17, 2008

Looking for a Guidepost

THe latest issue of Touchstone includes an article by VST professor Lynne McNaughton on Pilgramage as a Spiritual Practice During Life's Transitions. (the current issue is not yet online)

In it she relates the story of a pilgrim walk on Ireland's Dingle peninsula (the Cosan na Naomh --Path of the Saints). The way has no visible trail but the path is marked by a series of posts about 500 meters apart (1 meter=39 inches). The day they walked it was foggy and the next post often could not be seen so they had to travel on trust, following the direction of the arrow on the post until the next post emerged out of the fog.

McNaughton uses that image often in the article. And it does indeed seem like a very apt metaphor for the life of faith. So often in life we find ourselves standing looking in the direction we are being pointed, wondering what lies out in the fog. BUt the only way to find out is to stride forth, looking for the next guidepost to emerge.

As I read the article, I couldn't help but realize that it was resonating with me, deeply. I think I find myself in search of a guidepost. Which way is the arrow of faith pointing me right now?

THere are options. Do I explore the possibility of taking a sabbatical (3 months) and with that commit to being here for another 3 years? Do I start to be more proactive in looking at what may be out there? Do I continue to "keep my options open"? WHat path brings life to me, to the family, to the congregation?

OR maybe I just start investing in lottery tickets and use the money to make dreams come true?

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