Monday, February 11, 2008

What's Up With this??

There is a spirituality group meeting at the church. Last night the topic was Birth and Death.

To spark discussion one of the group members had brought a DVD of Esther Hicks/Abraham.

I had never heard of her. I had heard of The Secret but really only in passing.

Part of me was thinking this was nutty--this woman "speaking for some non-physical entities". Part of me thought it sounded strangely like a sci-fi plot (specifically Star Trek came to mind). But then how would we view the Biblical prophets who essentially made the same claim?

To tell the truth I found her channellings/ideas difficult to follow. But what I did follow was rather wierd.

Part of the purpose of this group to move beyond traditional Christian ideas and look at wisdom and practices from other sources. So Esther/Abraham fit in as a discussion starter. And her/their idea around making your own reality can be very attractive to many. But in the end I found that there was much in her philosophy that I could not reconcile with my experience of the Source. ANd it had a very individualistic sound that has ethicl implications in a communal world.

What do y'all know about/ or think about Esther and Abraham?

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  1. Can't say as I've had a lot of exposure to any of "The Secret". It reminded me too much of that over-hyped nonsense a few years ago - the name of which now escapes me.
    There's just something about these shiny books and their "how to" videos and study guides that is a little too packaged and neat for me. Faith is never as simple as tapping into a few verses of Hebrew scripture and calling it a day.

    For me, at least, it's harder work than that. We build our relationship with God just as we build any relationship - by working at it. These books seem to want to remove the "working at it" part.

    Sorry - sermonizing....