Saturday, February 02, 2008

We Have This Ministry!

Sally laid out this challenge on Facebook:

There are many good things happening in the Church today, and yet we often only hear negative stories.
With this in mind I am proposing a synchroblogging/ face book posting event for the 2nd February.You are invited to share a local positive and encouraging story.
God is with us, working in through and amongst us- lets talk about it!!!!
This seems to be a great idea so...

What is happening to fulfill the ministry of the church in this place and time?

LOTS! ONe of the gifts this congregation has is that of caring for each other. IT is one of truths abotu small communities that "everyone knows everyone". Truly this is sometimes a mixed blessing. But when people are so close then people know when there is need.

THis congregation supports each other. Maybe someone is ill? A card gets sent. Maybe a significant birthday or anniversary is being celebrated? IT gets named in worship. Death in the family? New baby? You might well get a meal delivered to help feed the family who have arrived. ANd you will be named in prayer, names written in the prayer book. Worship at the care home? Expect not just the clergy person but a group of others to show up to sing and chat and worship with old friends.

Little happens in this congregation that someone doesn't know about (again a mixed blessing for some). And because of that we find ways to let people know they are cared about. Both in word and in deed we live out this ministry, and we are not discouraged.

ANother gift is that of hospitality. When we have a meal the whole town is invited. People of all faith (and/or no faith) communities in town arrive to eat together fall and spring. OR when we host a regional gathering the food is given a high priority (and often rave reviews). And of course there is something holy about sharing the table with our neighbours.

Thanks be to God!


  1. Ah, but you left out the part where this great community of faith is led by a caring, compassionate pastor who helps all of the above take place.

  2. Great post Gord- good to hear more good news!

  3. Thanks for blogging; Sally always does such great Friday 5's and this one made me think, as well, but mine turned out to be so much about my own pain! My congregation's weekly newsletter that's handed to everyone as they enter the narthex on the way to Sunday worship asks, "Who's taking care of you?" on the cover, and someone said to me, "That's what we do best," but my own experience has been way far otherwise. Thanks for listening; be blessed!