Saturday, February 02, 2008


Toronto will now have a Black-focussed (not black only) school.

A proposal to create Canada's first black-focused public school was approved by Toronto District School Board trustees Tuesday night.They have recommended the creation of an alternative school that features a curriculum and teaching environment oriented around black history and culture.(CBC NEws)

To a degree I understand the logic of those who have been advocating for this sort of thing. It seems a logical response to a situation where there is a clear apprehension of bias/prejudice. AFter all I doubt that 40% of all Toronto High School students are dropping out (if that was true there would be big trouble for the school board).

BUt in the end I think that while this may in fact be a solution it is not the best solution. SEparating people out, even if on a voluntary basis, doesn't solve the underlying issue. I have the same issue around the resurgance of single gender schools -- yeah there is some research that shows it improves performance but at what social (and socialization) cost?

TO me it is simply a sad mark of our supposed progress as a society...

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