Sunday, May 14, 2006

Farewell Mr. President

Just watched the series finale of The West Wing. THey did a nice job of tying things up. I always figured that the series hjad a set life span, never could see that they would have been able to transition into a new President (although if ratings were still high I am sure they would have tried).

THe real treat was the reprise of the series pilot first. That was a really well written show, funny yet serious all in one. THe show has slipped lately, last season I often didn't wathc. In fact I often didn't watch this year either, partly because the other TV watcher in the house was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, partly because West Wing failed to grab me as much. BUt they did have a presidential race to be envied--would that all political debates were as honest and real as the one between Arnold Vinick and Matt Santos.

I say farewell to the Bartlett administration with this question: If Jed Bartlett had been one the ballot with Bush, Gore and Nader, who would have won? OR Bush and Kerry and Bartlett? Who would we wanted to have won?

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